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who i am


From the wide-open eye of a storm I sprang fully formed from the heartwood of an ash tree growing out through the skeleton of a skyscraper, thirty three stories up, forty four years in the future. Every day since has been full of hot fire, bright lightning, lava spit, bad blood, love, rhetoric, piss, and vinegar, combined to compose a true story of comedic tragedy and tragic comedy in a historical period-piece set in the present day.  

what i do

I spend my time making art out of ordinary days and making love out of extraordinary nights. Cooking and eating, drawing, carving, sculpting, constructing, destructing,  Immersed in woodsly goodness I'm spinning sagas of warrior poetry, with hard-headed, open-handed, warm-blooded hot fire and lightning from my bass-boosted cast-iron breakbeat-blasting stormswept barbarian heart.

You can find me at AMPERSAND TATTOO, making magic and summoning spirits, cracking wise and dispensing wisdom in equal measure.  

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