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Homemade three-bean chili, and hand-cut red skin-on seasoned potato wedges??

Don't mind me, I'll be over here eating all the beans and potatoes. Y'know?



It all starts with the chili. Why? Because you can make that the day before, and after it gets to really hang out, it'll taste even better when it's time to ladle it all over those fries.

Wait....what? Oh. Yes, that IS the vegan grange sauce mixed in with all those other huge flavors.

We'll deal with that in a minute.

First things first, let's cook those beany bean beans:





In a 2 quart saucepot, with one tablespoon of oil, over medium-high heat, saute:

1/2 sweet onion, diced;

2 cloves crushed garlic;

1 stalk minced celery;

1 poblano pepper, chopped;

1/2 cup rainbow bell pepper, diced;

1 chopped jalapeno;

1/2 carrot, peeled and finely diced.

when the onions just start to brown, add in:

1 T chili powder;

1/2 tsp cumin;

1 tsp curry powder;

1 tsp oregano;

1 tsp smoked paprika;

1 tsp each GPOP;

1 tsp thyme;

1 tsp sage;

1 tsp black pepper;

dash of cinnamon;

2 bay leaves....

Toast the spices in the veggies to activate the aromatics,

then drizzle in:

1 T tamari;

1 T cider vinegar;

1 cup crushed tomatoes;

2 cups fire-roasted tomatoes;

1 tsp vegan bouillon;

Simmer that until it thickens slightly, the add:

15 oz. dark red kidney beans;

15 oz. cannelini beans;

8 oz black beans...

Stir it well, taste for seasoning, adding salt and more spice as necessary,

and let it gently bubble for 30 minutes or more.....

Allow it to cool completely if you're making it the day before, which I recommend.

Heat it back up with a splash of water, and high heat, to really get it going and activating all the flavors, and voila! You're a chili lord from beanville.


I like to oil and season my potatoes before I bake 'em, or air fry 'em, or whatever.

I used 3 red potatoes, wedged up and tossed with 1 T olive oil;

and 1 tsp chili powder;

and 1/2 tsp smoked paprika;

1/2 tsp ea GPOP;

pink salt to taste....

arranged in one layer on parchment, and baked until mostly golden at 450+ Fahrenheit degrees,

then lightly oiled and tossed back in to really get 'em good and browned.


I mean, chili fries are otherwise self-explanatory. The main two ingredients are right there. But the UPGRADES are where the magic happens-

Minced fresh onion and scallion and cilantro sprankles make most bites way better-

and that GRANGE is the truth.


Homemade ranch is covered in the buffalo cauliflower pizza post. Take a look, lose your mind, enhance your meals, and be your best self in every way.

It's all for you, because I want you to have a better time every time you eat.

I can't make it for you, but I'll share the how's and the what's with pleasure.

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