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On January 7, I turned 44.

That makes this an eleven year.

Y'know? Like, the magic number, but four times over.

And I was lucky enough to have people who cared enough to make it special.

Well, just the one person, really.

All the kids were psyched, but they were really just following the leader.


Not just balloons, but cake and presents and a pizza party, too.

That's something special.

And the cake?

So dope.

Breezy spent a whole day making a 6-tier gluten-free vegan German chocolate cake.

That's incredible.

The coconut walnut creme on the inside. The chocolate was rich and the glutenlessness was 0% noticeable...The icing? THICCCCC.

Totally expert.

The details are pretty tight, too.

Bread, moths, and a pizza-partying triceratops!

She even gave a light-up shoutout to my government name:

Awwww. She showed she cares, and the kids and her even wrote me some handmade cuteness,

AND I got a wax-stamp with the AMPERSAND TATTOO logo embossed on the seal.

That's wild.

And that eleven-year numerology?

I've got a history of having all the good times

Like, 11, 22, 33.....and now 44.

Check it out:

That's the progression. From bad to worse, and from little, lanky, weird, and awkward,

to big, bearded, weird, and lanky and OLD.


From no beard to no mustache to manly beard to grey beard,

it's been a wild bunch of decades.

I'm getting wiser (maybe), and I'm definitely in a whole new territory of life, and time, and circumstance.

I am grateful for all the time I've been given, and I count myself lucky to be where I'm at and for the people who choose to span time with me.

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