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Homemade fresh-baked naturally leavened sourdough, straight out of the ovens of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.

That's fantastic.

But what about when you dunk it into some batter, and fully upgrade the situation from bread to breakfast?


French toast is F*ing excellent.


Almond coconut cinnamon nutmeg and MORE are all harmoniously merging through that already-expert bread to make some bigger, better, more amazing mealtime magic for your face.



The strawberries are sugared, and there's a drop of vanilla in there with 'em.

That's just a little exxxtra, in addition to butter and real maple syrup and powdered sugar sprankles.





Three 3/4" thick slabs of sourdough or other hearty, heavy, sturdy bread.

^ That's where we begin. You can't make toast without bread.


In a medium bowl, combine;

2 tsp non-GMO organic cornstarch;

1 T chick pea flour;

2 tsp ground chia/flaxmeal;

1 tsp vanilla;

1 T nootch;

1 tsp real maple syrup;

1/2 tsp cinnamon;

1/4 tsp nutmeg;

1 cup non-dairy milk.

Whisk all of that, let it rest 10 minutes, re-whisk the thickened batter, and then thoroughly dunk and soak the bread in there-

Next, in a separate bowl, add together:

1/4 cup almond meal;

1 T ground coconut;

A punch of brown sugar;

More cinnamon and nutmeg.

So, now you've got wet, breaded bread.


Heat up a large pan, with a pat of coconut oil and vegan butter combined,

and lay those three slices right on there once the oil starts bubbling.

Now, don't flip it right away, or the sexxxy skin that forms on the outside will peel off.

You need it to firm up, buddy.

Then flip it, and do the same on the other side.

*Now, I will admit that I also drizzled the exxxtra batter on 'em, and double-fried 'em.


Man, you know why.



...And with the fruit and the syrup and the soft-centers inside that buttery toast?

You win at breakfast.

And winning isn't everything, but it sure counts for a lot in the morning.

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