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I make dolls.


Not often, anymore, but when the moment is right, I'm definitely down to sculpt and craft and all of that.

This time around, it's an Infernal Cupid.


A love doll, just not like you normally hear about. Y'know?

He's got a few extra hands for more hugging and holding and squeezing and touching.

He's got the obligatory horns and fiendish features.

He's crafted in reds, albeit deep Mongol oxblood hues, and I'm very into it.

Anyway, here he is:

The face, hands, horns, ears, and feet are colored polymer clay, with a few dark ink washed to dirty him up.

The body is fabric, sliced and diced socks, wires, faux fur, buttons, styrofoam, a lot of superglue and hot glue and a bunch of sculpted heart armor pieces.

He wears his heart(s) on his sleeves, too.


You get it.

Love is hard, and Love is Hell, and it's probably worth it despite all the difficulties.

Look at that face though:

Jeez, he must just huff hot sulphuric brimstone all day with that hookbilled honker, huh?

Sort of a 'Love Stinks' vibe, in that regard.


And I finally put my AMPER-STAMP to use:


So, I make dolls, sometimes. This time, it's a Valentine.

Next time, it might be a Spring Fever-er.

We'll see how it goes.

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