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Man, I do all the regtattz.

You know about regular tattoos, right?

I do, too. I know allll about 'em.

And you know what else?

I'm into it.

I mean, I'm out here doing days and days of colorless tattoos,

in and out and back and forth,

and honestly, I'm grateful for the folks who keep coming back for more and more.

Like these owls:

Yeah, daddy & daughter matchie-tatties.

That's adorable, and I endorse it.

Or these mirrored flowers:


I really like my job.

I really like my clients.

The thing is, the in-betweens are brutal,

and for every great client with a great idea,

the number of combinations of everything else are overwhelming.

Then again, I'm more of a straight-up street tattooer.

And we do real tattoos.

Like this:


Tribal, swirls and flowers all big and serious, for your face.

If you love tattooing, and you love the nostalgia of when tattooing wasn't oversaturated with diaper-babies, and used to be about doing tatts and having fun?

Well, then you probably know that this is that as much as anything could be.


Nothing for nothing, and not for nuthin'...but I still know what that is.

Days and days of black tattoos, and I'm ready for a few more.

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