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You gotta get the good chips.

I'm serious. Tortilla chips are essential.

I mean, c'mon. There's no nachos without chips. In MY opinion, they're all delicious, but in this instance, I used some light, bright, very crisp 'cantina-style' crunchy triangles, and they really did something special to the overall effect of this elite dish.



exxxtra-yellow corn, exxxtra-crispy goodness, exxxtra-expert interwoven thin and crisp excellence for maximum nacho flavor in every bite.

The brand is Late July and i 10/10 would recommend.

Now, I know everybody has their own way of making nachos, and I support all the varying forms of stacks and spreads.

I just have to say that *this* one was pretty F*ing great, though.

Chips on chips on chips, then waaaay too many toppings. You know what they say though:




in order, there's:

15 oz of nootch-boosted ho'sauce-activated refried beans;

one minced handful of daiya cheddar cheese;

one minced handful of daiya mozzarella cheese;

8 each of yellow and red sweet grape tomatoes, quartered; one each red, orange, and yellow sweet baby bell peppers, in rings;

3 T finely-chopped sweet onion;

2 handfuls of rinsed black beans;

1/2 small tin of rinsed of black olives;

1/2 tin of fire-roasted chilis;

one handful of pickled jalapenos...

all of that, layered, on parchment, in a 480 deegree oven, until the edges brown and the cheese is very melted and all of it is looking thoroughly spicy and nicey-nice.....

Then you fire up those exxxtras:

scallions, radishes, cilantro, and homemade vegan cashew-yogurt sour cream!!!



There are two recipes you need for this.





in a smaller sauce pot on high heat, saute:

1/4 diced sweet onion and two Tablespoons of vegan butter together.

When the onions get translucent, reduce the heat and add in:

1 tsp each Garlic Powder and Onion Powder (GPOP);

1/4 tsp black pepper;

1 1/2 T nutritional yeast;

1 1/2 T Texas Pete ho'sauce;

1 15 oz can fat-free vegetarian refried beans....

moosh all of that together, and let it simmer over low heat until you're ready to blop it atop the chips.


That's good stuff, but the *great* stuff is right here:





in a high speed blender (ninja, vitamix, whatever), combine:

1/2 cup raw cashews;

2/3 cup unsweetened plain coconut yogurt;

1 tsp cider vinegar;

one fresh-squeezed lime's juice;

salt to taste.


give it two cycles through that whippy blender, and you'll have thick, creamy, luscious tart cream for your face, and your face will be happy about it every single second of every single bite.


I suggest the blops on top.

It gives you more variety in each bite. Personally, I love nachos a LOT and I don't really know why I haven't made them more often. Probably because they are not exactly light diet food.

Whatever- There's only so much health I can handle before I want an explosion of burly spicy flavor .

This is it.

Superbowl-inspired TURBONACHOS.

You need it. You really do.

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