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I do a lot of skull tattoos.

You'd think I would get tired of that, but I do NOT ever get bored with skulls.

I sorta wish that our clients wanted more traditional wings and daggers and flowers and all of that. But monster mayhem basic black and grey is good, too. Especially when they are being compared to the ordinary money-tatts that pay the bills at AMPERSAND TATTOO.

So, skulls are always welcome, and bigger skulls even more so.

I have to say I am grateful for all the clients who get better tattoos. The ones who know what they're getting into, and what what we bring to the experience. I'm always gonna have that intrinsic urge to rock out harder on tattoos that sound cooler to me, and that's just how it is, man.

I can't feel badly about being more excited about imagery that interests me.

That means skulls are gonna get damn-near top billing every time.

Here's a couple of skulls on opposite arms of the same guy.

The one on the right is healed, hairy, and settled in; the other is fresh, and a rework of some perfectly-placed bummer tribal. Using what we already have is not such a bad idea, is it?

I think we came up with something that looks good.

I don't take enough pictures of good tattoos. Mostly, because most of the crispiest ones are basically heavily-borrowed from somebody else's art, and then posted to Pinterest and appropriated by basic bitches who want a hobbled version of what I do.

If i had my way, I'd spend another hour on every tattoo I've ever done.

maybe one of these days, I'll find out how to get faster, and then take a glare-free picture of whatever happens after that.

We'll see.

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