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The hardest part about restarting this chronicle of my adventures in dinnertime?

Actually restarting.

I've made a lot of food since the last time I wrote anything about any of it, and believe it or not, it's difficult to know where to begin.

So that leaves me with a choice, and if I have to start somewhere, I suppose I should pick up where I left off...right?

And that was right at the start of the new year-

I made it a LOT of food to send 2019 to it's grave,

pizza, dumplings, and from scratch vegan sushi, too.


Check it:

Pizza and mushrooms-cabbage-ginger-scallion-filled dumplings and sesame-ginge-tamari dippin' sauce.

That's a party.

But there's also a matter of that homemade hand-rolled sushi:

Jade bamboo rice, with ALLLLL the green things, and matcha mayo on top.

That's the Albie Rock Green Roll. It's custom.

And then there's still all of this:

Sriracha mayo. Turmeric-smoked paprika sauce. Toasted sesame seeds.


Sushi rice is it's own thing. And when it's good, it's really good. This was perfect.

Rice vinegar to season it while warm is the key. A sushi mat helps, too.

Nori seaweed, and teriyaki (from-scratch) tofu, and roasted sweet potato.

There's cucumber, pea shoots, cilantro, carrot, avocado, grilled asparagus, microgreens, radish, and shredded scallion.

Impressed? I was.

But don't get too absorbed and then forget about those dumps, dudes:

Chili-oil, from scratch? I got that.

When you sear, steam, and then stir fry your dumps,

a little chili oil is the obvious finishing move.

That nutty, spicy, numbing flavor is PERFECT.

And then of course, there's this:

because PEE EYE ZEE ZEE AYY is the perfect compliment to dumplings and a truckload of sushi.



I know, I know-

you're probably wondering why I would show off all this delicious business, without including any process or recipe.

Well, obviously, that's to whet your appetite for all the new hottness coming your way.

This was how last year ended.

From here, we're going to explore the capabilities and capacity of radical vegan kitchen wizardry together.

I hope you're excited.

I am.

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